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Time tracking made easy for you

Toro helps busy people like you keep track of time, manage tasks and thrive for sustainable work habits.

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How Toro helps you thrive at work.

Before Toro 😵

Task tracking is manual and messy.
You’re working overtime to get things done, losing energy and money.

After Toro 😌

Task tracking is organised and you’re thriving at work.
You’re unstoppable with increased energy levels and money is growing.

With Toro, you can easily track your time and get insights on your work patterns.

Simply follow these three steps:

Step 1

Track your time (or don’t)

Use manual or auto-timer or connect your Google Calendar and see your meetings appear in Toro.

Step 2

Get insights on your work habits

Analytics that tell you your working patterns and time tracking habits based off your time spent on projects and tasks.

Step 3

Work smarter and more sustainably

Understand and compare your productivity and sustainability score across the months