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Frequently asked questions


Track time

Absolutely! When you’re using Toro Timer on any device, it will sync the data across the devices of the same user account.

When you’re offline, Toro Timer will prompt an offline notification message and stop working until you connect to the internet again.

Archiving users are only available in paid version of Toro. The archived user’s existing time entries can still be viewed in History page. However, the time entries will be refrained from any edit. 

Tracking history

From your very first Toro task 🙂

Yes, you can!

Simply select your preferred project and Toro will do the rest for you.

For Toro Personal, only you have the access to view your history. However in Toro Pro, which we will introduce later, you and your team members with Manager or Admin access can view your history. 

Yes, you can. There’s a Share button located on the History Page (top right corner of the bar charts) for you to generate a public link and share out the report.

Yes, you can. There are 2 options — export to PDF or export to Excel Sheet.


In here, you will discover your work habits throughout your journey with Toro.

You get to know what is the best time for you to focus, your weekly and monthly insights based on how you spent your time working on tasks and projects, your time tracking habit, and many more!

Analytics page is only available for paid version of Toro, which will be released in the future.

Only you have the access to view your analytics. 


Yes, you can determine which team member to access a project in project settings.


It’s unlimited.


Every Toro Personal user will be given one workspace (with unlimited projects and clients). In the future with paid version of Toro, it will be unlimited. 

Yes, this feature will be available in the paid version where you can invite any additional team member(s) to your workspace. 

Your team member(s) will not have access to your workspace until you resume your paid version.


Toro Timer is completely free to use indefinitely. We will introduce paid version of Toro with more features much later.

Data and privacy

We protect your data, from your time tracking history, diary, Google integration all the way to your credit card detail.

Our servers use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol for data encryption and decryption to protect your data in Toro from unauthorized interception.

All credit card transactions are processed using secure encryption—the same level of encryption used by leading banks. Card information is transmitted, stored, and processed securely on a PCI-Compliant network.

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