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About us

Who we are

Toro Timer is a product made (with ❤️) by Stampede, a UX agency working remotely since 2006.

Our history

We originally started as a web development agency but like you, struggled with understanding how we used our hours and whether we were becoming more efficient over time.

Since working remotely meant we had to be better at managing our own time and energy, we wanted a simple but powerful time tracking tool. This would help us focus on the important stuff for business while gaining a better understanding of how and when we work best.

In 2020 when the COVID pandemic hit, we saw firsthand the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and wanted to share our tool, Toro Timer, so that you can work healthier and happier while making that bottom line.

Meet Toro team

A team committed to improving your time tracking experience with Toro Timer so you can optimise your productivity and focus on what really matters


Shaza Hakim

CEO & co-founder


Dovlet Nazarov



Shaiful Borhan

Development lead

Iwan-About us

Syazwan Hakim

Front-end development

Sani-About us

Sani Halid

Front-end development

Osman-About us

Osman Mammedov

Application development

Luqman-About us

Raja Luqman

Product design

Emily-About us

Emily Chiang

UI/UX design

Sarah Lim-About us

Sarah Lim

Customer engagement

Bianca-About us

Bianca Tai

Customer engagement

Adlin-About us

Adlin Khairil

Customer support