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Toro helps busy people like you keep track of time, manage tasks and strive for a sustainable work habit.

Toro 101

New to Toro Timer? We got you! Get started by learning the essentials to begin exploring Toro Timer.

Learn how to use Toro guided with lots of GIFs — We’re talking about tracking time, analysing time track history and your work pattern, and more!

With your feedback, Toro constantly improves and releases new features that best suit your needs. We love feedbacks (and complaints), keep ‘em coming.

The manual

We’ll explain all of your account options and how to change them, this includes your profile, avatar and working hours.

Got a client? Congratulations! Here’s how you can easily create and manage projects, and add users to assemble a project team.

We know you’ve entrusted us with valuable data, and we’re committed to protecting it. Understand in-depth our security practices, protocols, and tools.


Get answers to most common questions about Toro Timer.

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