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Getting started

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What is Toro?

Hey there! Welcome to Toro — a time tracking tool that helps maximise your productivity by giving you insight into how you work. Whether for projects or tasks, you will have the information you need to tweak and optimise your work habits.

So what can you do with Toro?

Time tracking

Time tracking gives you the data you need to better organise and structure your time. See how much time you are spending on tasks and projects and start identifying patterns. You can use that information to change your habits and improve how you use your time.

In Toro, you can use Timer or Manual mode.


This is when you have a timer running in the background as you’re working on a task. When you’re done, simply stop the timer.


Do first, record later. Create a time entry after you’ve completed a task.

View history

Toro can show your time tracking history with just a few clicks so you can see how you’re spending your time.

You can see the following:

  1. Total hours tracked each day
  2. Total hours tracked during a specific date range
  3. Billable and non-billable hours
  4. Hours by client
  5. Hours by project
  6. Hours by task

Below is an example of a week’s time tracking history. You can see the billable and non-billable hours for a selected project and over a specified period of time (Last Week).

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