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Time tracking habit

Let’s talk about the importance of having an excellent time-tracking habit. If you’re a freelancer, the idea of having to track your time might not seem so foreign to you. Training your team to implement a time-tracking habit as a business owner is crucial to maximize time and ensure the company’s profitability. Here are some benefits of setting a time tracking pattern in your company. 

Bill your client

The main reason to start time tracking your work is, of course, so that you can bill your client. Without it, the billing process could be messy, and the data would turn out unreliable. Toro’s analysis and reporting feature helps you to disclose your work to the client in a simple format. 

Set goals

Setting your project goals and timeline is made easy with Toro! Our analysis feature could help your project managers set an accurate timeline for future projects based on your past projects. 

Overtime compliance

Time tracking allows you to monitor your team’s productivity as a business owner. Realistically, we can only work productively for around 8 hours before needing to recharge. Anything beyond that is already unhealthy, and it’s time to consider hiring a new employee. 

Toro’s time tracking habit feature shows your weekly streak of time tracking. This is an engaging way to compete with your colleagues on who has the highest weekly streak.  

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